1. Kimya Dawson- anthrax

2. Crystal Castles vs. Little Ones- Lovers Who Uncover

3. Anni Rossi- wheelpusher

4. Dirt dress- end of the line

5. Mice parade – 2 3 fall

6. Naomi- OohYeahBaby

7. Cache Armonia- oh my lover

8. Casiotone for the painfully alone- Seattle, Washington

9. Jena Malone and her bloodstains- lunchbox and memory

Initially I made only 30 of these in July/August 2007 and then another 10 in Februrary 2008. The second release are marked on the magazine cover with a x/10. I really really liked this tape though but didnt want to make too too many of the zine cause i really like the idea of there only being a handfull of something out there. In in my opinion it makes it just that much more special when you do have something like that. So, as a compromise to myself I spent a few nights dubbing some tapes and cutting up an old blanket to make pouches for a tape-only edition. I only have one left in my posession of the second-release magazine but i think The Smell has one of the tape-only versions too.   


1. Aria c. jalali!- postmodernism

2. Smokin' Mirrors- Shades of grey

3. My pet saddle- robbing me blind

4. Bank holiday- separation

5. Emily loizeau- im alive

6. No paws (no lions) – Kobe Bryant jersey

7. Foot Foot – Shasta heavy

8. The Robot Ate Me – They Ate Themselves

9. Gaysex - Camping



 Below- Tape Only Version
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