a short background

issue one was orginially created as an insert into another magazine but as i looked further into it, i didnt really like the content of the magazine my insert was for, but i still had it made. so i printed up like 30 of em and set them on the table for when i sold mixtapes and i thought it might be a neat idea to make another. When issue 2 was made i actually had some people really into them so i've just been continuing them ever since. I print about 30 copies before i go out and either place them down somewhere or hand them out. So far ive taken em to turtle shouse, the smell, tiny creatures, pehr, and the lkeg, mostly the smell though. People that have read or seen em for the most part like it and thats always really nice to hear. Papermade and Folktale Records both are requesting for me to send stacks each time they're made to slip in with their orders and a couple of people actually donate some money to it so they could have them sent to their houses. I'm really all for it [the ordering and requests] but things like that really do vary from issue to issue based upon how much money i have and how many pages the issue is. So far the first seven issues were all double-sided singe-page things but i'm always really open to changing things around [to see what works, you know?]. Its still really in its early stages so theres nothing really set in stone when it comes to release dates or submission guidelines or if its gonna be in color or black and white or anything like that. My last one [issue 8] was the biggest so far [8 pages including the cover] and that was a lot of fun. The stapling and folding and cutting is always really fun for me cause i feel like what im giving people is something really from me you know? kinkos and other printing places offer the stapling and folding and stitching but i mean, then it wouldnt be coming from me you know? I just like doing it. It cramps my hand a bit with the folding sometimes but its really okay.   


Food+Water issue 1

Food+Water issue 2

Food+Water issue 3

Food+Water issue 4

Food+Water issue 5

Food+Water issue 6

Food+Water issue 7

Food+Water issue 8

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